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About Bobby Brown

Employed as the youngest Deputy Sheriff hired as of the date of October 1971, at the age of 21 at the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office. CO-FOUNDER of the first NARCOTICS and INTELLIGENCE Bureau, El Paso County Sheriff’s Office. First full time undercover NARCOTICS agent, El Paso County Sheriff. Promoted to Detective, El Paso County Sheriff’s Office. Promoted to Detective Sergeant, El Paso County Sheriff’s Office. Promoted to Detective Lieutenant, in charge of MAJOR CRIMES AGAINST PERSONS, at the age of 24, the youngest Lieutenant in the history of the Sheriffs Office as of that date.

Included the Investigation of all major crimes against persons, which Included several homicide Investigations, attendance of numerous autopsies, Investigation of numerous sexual assaults, investigation of numerous armed robberies, investigation of numerous arson’s, Investigation of auto theft rings, Investigation of kidnappings, investigation of international drug ring originating in Germany, worked the Broadmoor Hotel BOMBING. Hundred's of Thousands of Dollars in damage. We tracked down the defendant after finding a blasting cap in the huge debris field. The bomber was arrested within 72 hours.

1975 accepted position with the Fountain Police Department, employed as Detective Sergeant, while working there, worked a coordinated investigation that ultimately resulted In the Chief of Police being arrested for numerous sexual assault on a child charges, incest, pornography etc. Also worked on all major crimes against persons.

1976 accepted an UNDERCOVER position to work on the Western Slope, founded the first Narcotics and Intelligence Bureau for the Craig Department of Public Safety. Rose to the rank of Assistant Chief of Police. Worked on numerous homicide Investigations and ALL major crimes against persons.

Accepted assignment to work UNDERCOVER In ROCK SPRINGS, Wyoming. Worked undercover on the case of Chief of Police ED CANTRELL who went to trial for the murder of one of his UNDERCOVER police officers. Famous criminal defense attorney JERRY SPENCE represented Chief Cantrell. Chief Cantrell accepted a job as a land an cattle inspector. During that undercover investigation, we infiltrated ORGANIZED CRIME activity, UNION BOMBINGS, DRUGS, etc.

Accepted assignment with the COLORADO ORGANIZED CRIME STRIKE FORCE, working UNDERCOVER directly under the direction of the Colorado Attorney General

  • CERTIFIED Federal Bureau of Narcotics & Dangerous Drugs School under the direction of the US . Attorney General.

  • CERTIFIED  Northern Colorado & Southern Wyoming. Detective Association. Detective Association, elite HOMICIDE SCHOOL.


  • CERTIFIED Polygraph Examiner.

  • CRIMINAL DEFENSE INVESTIGATOR for over 30 years. Worked thousands of hours on SERIAL KILLERS: Henry Lee Lucas, Ottls Toole and Ted Bundy.

  • Local Business owner, BAIL BOND COMPANY OWNER & BOUNTY HUNTER, 20 years

  • OVER 40 years of experience in, first in law enforcement, still working with our Courts in the private sector.